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About Rick Morton

Welcome to the Richard Morton Creative Productions Web Site Richard is a very unique business man who has expanded his product lines to include patented tools for the artist and outstanding components for keeping your furniture looking top line. .... more

Wicks Wax

For over the thirty years Rick has been finishing furniture and restoring antiques  (my regular companies include such firms as Therien and Co., Butterfield and Butterfield and Imari Imports). Customers have expressed to him their desire for a furniture wax, which would not only beautify the finish, but also be easy to maintain and not smear. 

After years of trials and experimentation Rick has developed and patented just such a wax. "Wicks Wax" is a water-based wax emulsion, which includes hard-drying carnauba....more

Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration is Ricks main passion. Rick has spent years honing the art of imaculate restoration. Techniques from the masters of the world are daily carried out on pieces of furniture to insure that they will be returned to the original (if not better) visual and texture of the piece. Rick shares with us some of his better known techniques and how along with plenty of "Wicks Wax" he pulls it off...... more

Artist's Easel

Recently patened is another of Ricks great ideas. This invention is currently sweeping the art supply shops the world over. This ingenous easel is lighweight, versatile and should be on every serious artist's list... more