"The Ric Easel has been my trusty friend and companion for over  fifteen years of daily plien air and life drawing. It is durable, adjustable and very transportable.

For the working Artist or Art Enthusiast it is a basic and essential 
piece of equipment.
You will be happy many times over that you own one.
(It is one of those items that is priced reasonably and worth every penny.)"

Joel Adelman

This is the best table easel I’ve ever used. Its flexibility, comfort, lightness, and attractive wood make it a must for use in your own studio, or for taking with you wherever you go. I also highly recommend the Ric Easel to my private art students.
Susan Sternau, www.SusanSternau.com

I've been using the Ric Easel for over 2 years now and can't imagine going out in the field without it. The lightweight easel allows me to set up and get into my production mode in no time at all. The easy adjustable cords are quick but strong. This easel should be on anyone's gift list for an artist or friend.
Susan Morris, Tampa, Fl.

The Ric Easel

For its beauty, effectiveness and affordability, the Ric Easel is simply magnificent. It is also the first sketch easel of its kind.

It is a patented artist and draughtsman's table-top easel which can go from almost vertical to 25 degrees to the table. The drawing surface measures 18 by 24 inches and can be rotated so that the rectangular plane is either horizontal or vertical (portrait or landscape). When at a low angle it can be used for watercolor and ink without danger of running or dripping.

The Ric Easel weighs approximately three pounds. It is made from sustainable hardwood and will completely fold flat for carrying and storage (when closing, make sure that the drawing surface is vertical so that the locking pin can engage in the disk on the back). The cord holding the easel open and at any angle becomes the carrying strap when the easel is closed. The strap has a shoulder pad and can be adjusted quickly for length. There is an oval hand grip for extra convenience in moving and carrying. The sustainable hardwood used is called "Nara" and is grown in Cebu, Philippines where the Ric Easel is manufactured at the workshop of Jim Morton,the artists brother. The Nara tree is grown commercially and reaches maturity very quickly.

It is beautiful when finished and the Ric Easel is finished in multiple coats of
satin lacquer. We know when you try the Ric Easel you will enjoy its design and find it completely unique for its simplicity and practicality. It can be set up for sketching and drawing in 10 seconds. We do consider the Ric Easel to be the "fastest easel in the west"

Rick Morton Easel and Shipping $79.95 plus $9.05 shipping