"For our high-sheen aged lacquer tables, Wick’s Wax has been a godsend. It never seems to smudge, and very definitely enhances the look of our high-end lacquer and French polished furniture."

Bruce Tremain
Therien & Company San Francisco, CA

"For us, Wick’s Wax has been the perfect showroom wax. It has a pleasing smell, is easy to apply and buff up, and doesn’t smudge. We recommend it to all our clients, and always keep several cans on hand."

Michael Snyder Cabana Home
Mill Valley, CA

Wicks Wax

Consistently over my thirty years of antique restoration and finishing, clients have expressed to me the necessity for a furniture wax which would not only beautify the finish, but also be easy to maintain and not smear. After years of trials and experimentation I have developed and patented just such a wax.

“Wick’s Wax” is a water-based wax emulsion, which includes hard-drying carnauba. This wax is unique from other furniture waxes in that it will not smear and requires little to no maintenance and can be applied over other polishes, oils, or waxes while quickly creating its own non-smearable surface. This wax possesses all the best qualities of the traditional furniture waxes. However, unlike other waxes on the market, it will have NO destructive effect on the finish underneath and can be easily removed using a cloth and naphtha. Wick’s Wax will not smear even when touched, rubbed or exposed to the heat of the sun.

This product has low odor, is primarily water borne, and contains a high amount of carnauba and bees wax. I use this furniture wax in my business for polishing lacquered and French polished surfaces Our new wax is quite easy for anyone to apply and immediately becomes slippery to the touch with buffing. It shows superior resistance to dirt and water as well as air-borne contaminants. Our product also combines well with any existing wax or oil coating (obviating the need for prior cleaning) and creates a beautiful non-smearing surface. This is especially important when waxing valuable antiques such as Japanese lacquer work or French-polished European antique furniture, as well as polishing marble surfaces.

“Wick’s Wax” is simply applied using a sponge or cotton cloth. It can be immediately buffed with another larger cotton cloth, or in the case of a delicate antique lacquer, with a handful of unbleached cotton wadding. Only a thin coat of polish is necessary. The results will be professional and gratifying.

“Wick’s Wax” is packaged in an easy-to-hold can, which can be opened with just a quarter turn of the lid. This lid has a Teflon liner and will re-seal itself when closed. “Wick’s Wax” is available in three and five-ounce cans (one three-ounce can, will cover three dining tables with leaves). Customers will quickly recognize that this wax belongs in the company of the great traditional furniture waxes.

1 5 oz
4 pack 5 oz
6 pack 5 oz
5oz can
single 7 oz
2 pack 7 oz
6 pack 7 oz