"For our high-sheen aged lacquer tables, Wick’s Wax has been a godsend. It never seems to smudge, and very definitely enhances the look of our high-end lacquer and French polished furniture."

Bruce Tremain
Therien & Company San Francisco, CA

"For us, Wick’s Wax has been the perfect showroom wax. It has a pleasing smell, is easy to apply and buff up, and doesn’t smudge. We recommend it to all our clients, and always keep several cans on hand."

Michael Snyder Cabana Home
Mill Valley, CA

Article from MarinIJ Home and Garden December 4, 2010 Wicks Wax

Fine furniture restorer Richard Morton of Sausalito has created Wick's Wax, which gives a high-gloss finish that brings up the dimension of the wood grain and is easy to apply.

Wax with a wow

These days I'm waxing rhapsodic over Morton's fabulous Wick's Wax for furniture. It gives surfaces the best high-gloss finish I've found, brings up the dimension of the wood grain and is so easy to apply, much like dipping into softened margarine.

Morton experimented for years to get the right proportions for his patented proprietary blend of carnauba and bees wax along with a water-based additive.

What I also love is that Morton swears it won't hurt delicate finishes.

Instead, he says, it protects, polishes and revitalizes fine wood furniture, antiques and marble surfaces and can be applied to Chinese and Japanese lacquer, French polishes and all new lacquer finishes. The wax is used by a few local companies, such as Cabana Home, Therien & Co. and Imari Imports, that have endorsed it.

Wick's Wax comes in a 3-ounce can for $19.95 or a 5ounce can for $29.95.

For more information call 415 332-1451 or go to www.rickproductions.com.